10 Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Hockey Stick

Hockey sticks are one of the most important tools for hockey players. Composite sticks pushed out wooden sticks as they grew in popularity. Fast-forward to today, sticks are made with six different flexes, for a 4 year old up to a 200lb adult and there are seven different curves with a regular shaft or a grip shaft. There are so many options, that’s where we step in with 10 tips to help you pick the perfect hockey stick.

Common Mistakes When Purchasing a Hockey Stick

Buying the proper hockey stick is an important decision as it’s a key tool for your game. There is also a slight risk in buying new sticks as hockey sticks only have a 30 day warranty from manufactures.  Here are some of the most common mistakes made when purchasing a hockey stick:

  •  Buying a stick that is too stiff; you can’t flex the stick because you don’t have the strength or body weight.
  • The stick may be too heavy
  • You didn’t buy the stick with the correct lie (the way the stick sits on the ice) The low lie on a stick means more blade on the ice is more suitable for a bent over player where as a high lie is for a more upright skater.

All these mistakes impede the accuracy and velocity of your shot as well as your stick handling ability.

How Long Should Your Hockey Stick Be?

A very common question we hear is how long should my hockey stick be? We find this difficult to answer as each individual is different but we can narrow it down with the following factors:

  •  Your position
  • Height
  • Upright or bent over skater

To sum it up, Aurora’s Hockey Shop Rec Sports asks you questions to generate a more individual stick that is geared towards you. We find that 50% of the time your price point will determine the stick for you.

How Rec Sports Hockey Shop Helps You Pick Your Hockey Stick

The difference between Rec Sports hockey stores and the big box hockey stores is we sell you the stick, the right stick for your size, ability, strength and position.  We start by asking you the right questions:

  •  What is your favorite curve?
  • What is your favorite stick model?
  • What is your price point?

Once we have your answers, we take your answers to customize the stick to make the right fit. We offer customers the chance to experiment with a similar curve/different model as we believe that our suggestion may improve your game due to change in flex, curve and lie.

One final note, our tip when buying a hockey stick is usually the more expensive the stick, the less durable the stick is!

- Come into Rec Cycle & Sports Aurora’s Hockey Shop at 15483 Yonge Street or visit us online to get outfitted with the perfect stick for you with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’ve been outfitting Aurora with hockey equipment for over 20 years. -

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